About the Koolin App

Can I travel search with Koolin online?
At this time travel search is applicable only while using the app
What kind of company is Koolin?
Koolin is travel comparison search engine that shows prices for event tickets , parking , hotels and flights. We don’t control prices or provide discounts.
Does Koolin travel have fees ?
Koolin is totally free to use.
Does Koolin have bundle packages?
At this time Koolin doesn’t offer bundle packages.

Account Inquires

How do I create a account?
Click on the drop down menu tab on the top left in the app. Click on the face icon and it will take you to the account setup screen. Accounts are free.
Are my purchases made through Koolin?
Purchases are only made through the app vendors.

Booking or Checking out fees

Does Flights, Hotels , Parking and Event tickets include fees?
When you reach to the point of checkout , all applicable fees and taxes are shown.


How do I cancel my bookings?
If you do come across any issues with cancellations with your booking, will we be happy to direct you to the appropriate vendor that can assist you with your cancellations.
Can I save or keep my booking history?
We have limited accessibility with our vendors , at the moment we don’t show booking history or itineraries.

Flight Ticket Classes

What is Economy class , Premium Economy and Business Class?
Economy class is the standard price airline ticket as known as the coach class. Premium Economy class is the seats that possibly provide additional arm/leg room , have adjustable seat components , additional amenities and food service. Business class can feature electronic entertainment, a mini bar , food service and adjustable seats.

Flight Search Inquiries

Why are their split screens when I review round trip flights and multi city flights?
The split screens show departure and arrival tickets. On the (left ) screen is your departure tickets and on the (right) side is arrival tickets.
When I search for hotels by city and state, hotels aren’t showing.
Hotels in the search menu only currently displays city searches.

Parking Search Inquiries

How I do adjust my parking options?
Click the more filters tab on the right side of the gps page. Click the clock icons and adjust the time.